About us

Four co-operatives, four regions

  • Baden (Alde Gott)
  • Württemberg (Cleebronn & Güglingen)
  • Franconia (Divino)
  • Palatinate (Weinbiet)

Managing and developing export activities together.

Bundled –trade shows, contacts and logistics.
One shipment adding value to your portfolio.

Moderation - our wine is a special treat.

Highest quality product and service from vineyard to glass.

Award winning wines, in-house sommeliers.
Price-points mid-to-premium.


You can click the logos for detailed informations about each co-operative.

Co-operative register
Co-operative register - in use at Weinbiet since 1902
Co-operative register close up

Co-operatives at heart of German society for over 200 years

What one person cannot achieve is achieved by many

¼ German population member. >800 million world-wide.

Founders: Raiffeisen & Schulze-Delitsch

Idea and practice of organizing shared interests in cooperatives

Sustainable development

Gemeinwesen – Gemeinwohl stehen im Vordergrund, nicht der Profit.

2016 UNESCO enscribed German co-operative system on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.



  • Solar energy (Alde Gott, generate 80 kWp)
  • Heating systems - pruned wood (Divino)
  • Closed systems for tank cooling (no waste water)
  • Light-weight bottles

Community & regional connections

  • Workers highly-skilled & qualified.
  • Local families ownership. Profits returned.
  • Flying winemakers – international exchange.
  • Support local charities and organisations (monetary & knowledge).
  • Local suppliers = local jobs: Gigant glass (Divino) and technical machinery (Weinbiet).
  • Co-operation with Wine-Campus, Neustadt.
  • Company pension scheme.
  • Sport & health.


  • Tree plantings (no mono-culture & wildlife)
  • Indigenous fruit trees (growers 2nd income)
  • Bee encouragement & protection
  • Green planting regulates evaporation & absorbtion (clover, etc.)
  • Seeding between rows increases nitrogen
  • Pheromones used against vineyard pests (worms)

Responsible alcohol consumption

Wine in Moderation
  • Wine in Moderation
  • Pricing strategy mid-range to premium pricing
  • Legal drinking age
  • Low-alcohol wines available (Feder 6.0 C&G)
  • Medium alcohol content for balanced food pairing
  • No alcohol allowed in workplace
  • Website age restriction