Wines of the co-operatives


Quality is a high prize. Enrich quality of life.

Connecting traditional wine-making with modern methods. “Best Practice” principle in each individual vineyard plot. Quality and ratings system. Highly commended wine quality.



  • Franken – Nordheim & Thüngersheim – Nordheimer Vogelein, Thüngersheimer Johannisberg, Escherndorfer Lump, Retzbacher Benediktusberg
  • Continental climate
  • Rock, sandstone – loam, shell-limestone & marl
  • Area first planted 777 AD
  • Thüngersheim founded in 1930, Nordheim in 1951, Merged in 2012
  • 400 ha
  • Silvaner – Domina - Riesling
Divino Weine

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