Wines of the co-operatives


Our hill - The Weinbiet

We live and work at the foot of the Weinbiet. Whatever we do and wherever we go, our hill is never far away. Located in the heart of the Palatinate region and measuring 554 metres in height, the Weinbiet towers over the wine villages of Mussbach, Gimmeldingen and Haardt. It is the symbol of our homeland.

Sheltered by our hill, we and the vines have our roots. Over the year, the Weinbiet preserves the heat that makes everything thrive. Its hearty soil is the foundation for our wines. Its importance for our work and life was known to our forefathers, who named the vintners' association after it.



  • Palatinate – Neustadt an der Weinstraße
  • Hill 554 m above sea level
  • Founded 1902
  • 54 families, vineyards between Deidesheim and Neustadt an der Weinstraße
  • Soil: Limestone rich, sandy loan, red sandstone
  • 325 ha
  • 63% white wine: Riesling (one-third), Weißburgunder
  • 37% red wine: Dornfelder
  • Local families, hand-crafted, local technology
  • Limited edition, terroir driven through to white/rosé cuvee
  • Best-seller “Summer dancer white”